Services and Resources


Calendar always at hand

  • Schedule by client name and type of service.
  • Set up your service times.
  • Send reminder alerts to your customers automatically.
  • Easily change dates and times and issue notifications.Receive confirmations in the APP.

Customer Management

Know your client better

  • Register your customer’s information.
  • Add to the type of service.
  • Track your customer’s frequency and do pre-sales actions.
  • Send notifications.
  • Send promotions.
  • Activity report and billing.

Financial Management

Organize the financial life of your barbershop

  • Post income and expenses
  • Filter by type and period.
  • Predict the future.
  • Get tips and exclusive content on how to improve your financial health and invest for the future.

Digital Banking

The bench in your barbershop

  • Have a digital account right in your barbershop APP.
  • Separate your private account from your barbershop account.
  • Make collections and receive them directly in the APP.
  • Pay bills.
  • Issue vouchers.
  • Make transfers.
  • QR Code Generator.
  • Get it on PIX.

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